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I'll Close My Eyes: (But I Won't Be Asleep)


I’ll Close My Eyes (But I Won’t Be Asleep) sounds an intimate, heartbreaking, and sometimes humorous, end-of-life chord in a mother and daughter relationship. A compelling memoir, I’ll Close My Eyes (But I Won’t Be Asleep) is an honest account of what, for most of us, remains hidden and unheard. It will be useful for anyone torn by conflicting desires and demands, battered by memory, grief and rage, and struggling to give care. Read more

About Elisa Adler

Elisa Adler studied at the University of California, Berkeley, Mills College and Centro de Estudios Colombo-Americanos in Bogotá, Colombia, has been a newspaper reporter, translator and interpreter and has taught at community colleges in California and Nevada for more than thirty years. Read more


Excerpt from the Book

I heard it the days before she died, like the sound of the sea in a conch shell, but deeper, more distant. Read more

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ISBN: 9781457509667
304 pages
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